fall- who knew? & how to have a blast!

Hello Fall!!

Do you know exactly how long fall lasts? the months included even? here is the info:Season Definition- When Do They Start-

fun & interesting fall info:

  • Children born in the fall are statistically better students and live longer. no way! I was born in May lol!
  • 43 Colorful Facts about Fall-Autumn – Fact Retriever.com check out these cool fall facts!!
    while reading those I was sparked by wonder & just had to explore this idea. myth, or superstition:

superstitions about catching leaves- so I searched & searched & found out: 33. Catch a falling leaf and THE WEIRDEST BRITISH SUPERSTITIONS « World Choice Education

so now I am on a new fall mission to try a few of these out this fall! and see how it Falls into place lol!

4 Autumn Equinox Superstitions & Old Wives’ Tales You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

they are as follows, and I will add these to my fall bucket list as well this year! (actually hell I did it just now, go me!)

1. Catching leaves in autumn

2. A thin skin means a winter of ease, while a thick skin means that only cold misery lies ahead check your onion skins monthly to compare, check!

ways to have a fun filled memorable fall:

20 Amazing Fall Party Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With – Play Party Plan


30 Days of Fall Activities for Kids and Families

Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas That Aren’t Scary

Special October Days and Observances

Fall Senses Scavenger Hunt Printable

the list could go on and on but this is where ours stopped for this post, as we are excited to jump in and live Fall!

happy fall, folks make it memorable and keep it twisted!

Twisted Me-

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